Limitation of Liability

Notice of Limitation of Liability for GDPR in Schools

GDPR in Schools Ltd aims to provide schools and local authorities with a clear and efficient solution to attainment of GDPR compliance. Due to the company’s nature, GDPR in Schools Ltd (GDPRiS) does not assume any liability arising out of the provision of, or failure to, provide instructional advice, information or professional services to its customers. This applies in respect of any instructional advice or information which may be provided in connection with the website and platform used by customers.


GDPRiS makes every effort that content written on our web pages and inside the compliance application are accurate and up-to-date. No guarantees are however implied that our content is complete, correct or up-to-date.

Professional Advice

While we give advice when asked to do so, we are not a legal firm, and our recommendations must not be taken as legal advice.


See the Terms for a statement on our warranty clauses.

Third Party Content

GDPRiS will from time to time include 3rd party content on its web pages or inside the application. GDPRiS are however not responsible for 3rd party content, products or services.


Unless content on website or application is externally provided, GDPRiS hold the copyright to these resources. You may not copy or re-use our content without our knowledge and consent.

Changes to Terms

GDPRiS reserves the right to alter from time to time the Terms and Conditions it operates under. The same applies to changes to the Privacy Notice and changes to the data processing agreement.


If you have questions about this notice, or any other comments to make about our service, please contact us either email or by using our contact form.